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Kim Bradford

In 1983, he took a position at a local facility for the mentally disabled as a Group Home Manager. He worked there for 3 years and in 1986 he started working for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio as a Customer Service Representative. In April, 1988 Kim left the Corporate world and joined a local Agency. This is where he began to sharpen his skills on the sales side of the industry. His focus was on group health and ancillary sales. He continued his career there until he stepped out on his own in 2002. His focus remained on small group coverage but quickly realized that it was an easy transition to sell individual benefits, as well. In 2006, he stepped into the Medicare sales market with the changes that occurred with Medicare Advantage.

He has always enjoyed his career in health insurance and has always considered himself more of a customer service representative, educator, and family business man than a salesman. His enjoyment of woodworking and his “service first” mentality has shown his loyal and dedicated clients his attention to detail. His commitment to his family has shown those same clients that he is caring and this has lead him to treat them more like family and friends than just business associates.

He continues to enjoy his family and still enjoys hobby woodworking. He loves hunting with his son, fishing with his kids and grandkids, and, more recently he has taken a love of RVing with his wife and family.

Kim was married in 1979. In his early years, he enjoyed working as a handyman and finish carpenter. This has carried through his life personally with remodeling and building his home. He began his family early and he has enjoyed the family life and watching his family grow. He now has 6 grandchildren and this has become his focus outside of his work.

Jason Bradford

Born in December, 1980, Jason is one of the last people officially born into Generation X. This means that he finds the fun in everything that he gets himself involved in. In middle school, Jason attended a Career Day with his father, Kim Bradford. Upon finishing the day “helping” his dad, he was tasked with interviewing the Career Professional that he had chosen. While riding home, the main question that he was required to ask was, “If I were a person looking to make a career in this industry, what advice would you give me?” The response he received was a shock. His father told him, “Run! Run from this industry and do not come back!” Some could argue that this set the wheels of history in motion.

Jason went on to attend Hocking Technical College from 1999 to 2001, and upon finishing his time at college, he decided that pursuing a career in a government position was “just too political.” So, he entered the retail work force at Gander Mountain, LLC. “Hunt. Fish. Camp” was his motto for the next 8 years. He learned the inner workings of a sales organization and developed his customer service and interpersonal skills along the way. By this time, he had started a family and was looking for a change that would give him an opportunity to better support his family and continue to grow personally. At the same time, his father was looking to expand his business. Jason started working full time for Kim Bradford & Associates, LLC in September, 2009. Here, he realized his passion. He truly enjoyed helping secure health insurance benefits for small employers and individuals, alike.

In 2013, Jason joined the National Association of Health Underwriters. Realizing he wasn’t going to escape “getting all political,” he decided it was time to make a change and was elected President of his local chapter commencing July, 2016. From that time, he has enjoyed navigating the maze that is healthcare reform and helping those around him secure coverage.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys playing complex board games with his family and friends. He also enjoys travelling, camping, and fishing with his wife and 4 kids.